Tate Hall offers a unique and stylized sound in electronic music which has evolved over years of pulling inspiration from many aspects of the musical world, producing an innate sense of sonic perspective. Born in a small town in the Rocky Mountains, raised on a beautiful beach in the Hawaiian Islands, and educated in a multi-cultural environment, Tate's life from the beginning has been infused with artistic inspiration and creativity. Playing piano and guitar from a young age naturally led Tate into the local Reggae scene where he expanded his love for music and realized that this would become the essence, dedication, and focus of his life.

Later as a student of musical composition and audio engineering, Tate was introduced to the world of electronic dance music, specifically the Trance genre which quickly became his passion. "I have always loved very melodic instrumental and sensual vocal tracks that let you drift off into your own thoughts, no matter what genre." This was the jumping-off point for his ever-developing obsession for creating the ultimate listening experience. "Trance specifically spoke to me in a way no other music had, providing an audio therapy when I wanted to escape from reality." This passion quickly led to his work finding its way onto the playlist of international DJ’s such as Roger Shah (a.k.a Sunlounger) whose weekly radio show, Music for Balearic People broadcasts to tens of thousands of fans in every corner of the globe. Additionally, releases on independent trance label, Couture Records, gave an outlet for the community to hear his take on Trance.

For the last four years thousands of listeners tuned into Tate's 80-minute bi-monthly podcast, A Wide Horizon, which has delivered the latest trance and progressive tunes into a beautiful and infectious mix. As with all endeavors, it is now taking on a new life, currently providing a short monthly outreach for fans to hear the newest original material mixed with a variety of choice selections, breaking away from previous boundaries.

Now, furthering his vision and branching away from the boundaries of any one genre, Tate continues to expand deeper into a personalized soundscape, stepping out of the proverbial box and letting loose the inner creative power that conducts the many aspects of piecing together this musical puzzle. This is what is so captivating about his process. As in cinematic scoring, the listener is taken on a scenic emotional journey telling a story from beginning to end, a concept very intentional in Tate's debut album, Twisted Trees. This album celebrates the culmination of all his inspiration to date. Created in a seamless and continuous fashion, Twisted Trees sparks the imagination and offers an escape into another world.

On a parallel journey, Tate's training in audio engineering has given him the technical ear to sculpt a sound signature reflective of his musical vision. The development in the studio world has led Tate into being his own mixing and mastering engineer, two areas of expertise that are often specifically devoted to and specialized in. "The benefits of doing all my own engineering gives me the flexibility and space to be very critical in scrutinizing the sound of my compositions to a very deep level. I have devoted a great deal of time and energy to building a very custom studio, selecting specific pieces of equipment to create a sound signature intently crafted for my personal vision, giving a recognizable audible color that runs through each of my songs. This technical aspect is of course an ever-unraveling quest just like my musical style."

Towards the end of 2012, Tate started Seaborn Audio, a mixing and mastering service aimed at helping independent artists in need of professional results at affordable rates. "I've been on the other end of this process, and it can be very frustrating to figure out how to get things sounding the way you want. My focus is on helping my clients achieve their vision and take their projects to new heights. I love the process of bringing music to life--creating depth, power, and pulling the emotion in a song out for the audience to feel." Visit the official website at www.seabornaudio.com for more information.

Currently living in Hollywood, California, Tate dedicates the bulk of his creative time and energy to work on new productions and remixes. With his poly-stylistic sound and fresh take on electronic music, it is no wonder that his fan base continues to grow and reach out to a variety of listeners all over the world. You can look forward to many new releases and free downloads along the way as the development of a second full length studio album is already in the works. You'll want to make sure you follow closely as new developments unfold, its difficult to predict what the next project will entail, but of course, it will always incorporate the very personalized taste of Tate Hall.

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